Best Toy Guitar for Kids under 4 years

Do your children want to be an Instant Rock Star?

toy guitarThen, you are at the right place if you are interested in buying the best toy guitar for your child this year!

The best toy guitars are very popular this year because of very popular games like Guitar Hero. These amazing computerized music games have created a rise in overall interest with kids and young people wanting to learn more about how to play a guitar.

Toy Guitars For Kids

Most of the major toy makers today now have at least one toy guitar in thier toy inventory, but who offers the best toy guitar for your kids this year? Well, that is a good question. The short answer is…all of them are an excellent choice. I say this because the important thing is that you are encouraging your children to learn the joy of music.

If you children are very young you might want to take a look at Fisher-Price, Leap Frog, or even Little Tykes to find the best toy guitar for your child. There are certainly other manufacturers that make toy guitars for kids in the age range. You can click the following link to see the best selling toy guitars Now Available @

Choosing the best toy guitar for your child is an excellent way to encourage your children to develope a love for music. Today, the best toy guitars are designed for kids of all ages starting with very basic toy guitars for babies. As your child grows so can the best toy guitar design just for thier age group. Once your child turns about 8 years old the choices get a little easier, because many people feel that the best toy guitar designed for kids 8 years old and up is the Paper Jamz Guitar by Woo Wee.

Paper Jamz Guitars

Paper Jamz Guitars look like real guitars used by some of todays most popular rockstars and these amazing toy guitars perform like they are real guitar too, but they are really a thin (about one inch thick) electronic marvel. All of the Paper Jamz Guitars offer you a creative blend of technology and fun that is made possible because of Active Graphics™ Technology. This amazing technology allows the circuits to be embedded into the actual paper on the guitar which then enables you to play your new Paper Jamz Guitars like a pro!

Paper Jamz Guitars are simple to play and offer you and your friends hours of fun. All you have to do to “strum” any of the Paper Jamz Guitars is just slide your thumb or fingers up and down over all the strings and pick-ups using only the flats of your fingers. You will be amazed by the quality of the sound and the versatility of the play options found in all the Paper Jamz Guitars offered on the market today. These amazing toy guitars are completely portable. The Paper Jamz Guitars have no cords, you don’t need to plug it into your tv or computer. Just turn on your Paper jamz Guitar and start having fun anywhere!

All Paper Jamz Guitars offer four modes for “Jamming” to any of the 3 preloaded hit songs. The four modes for jamming include:

  • Perfect Play Mode: This mode makes it easy for you to play perfect guitar to the 3 included hit songs. Strum along to the song to hear the guitar track. Otherwise you will only hear the backing tracks and vocals.
  • • Rhythm Mode: This mode helps you learn how to play the actual song. Paper Jamz Guitars let you control the song’s guitar rhythm.
  • Freestyle: Learn to play real chords by pressing more than one fret allowing you to create your own songs. The instruction sheet provides a guide to learning major and minor chords.
  • Karaoke: In this mode you can sing and play along with the 3 included songs. You decide which track(s) you want to mute like the vocal, drum, backing tracks, or you can mute all except the guitar track.

All Paper Jamz Guitars include three exclusive, licensed hit songs, built in speaker, a line-out jack for earphone or optional amplifier connection, and a volume control. Paper Jamz Toy Guitars are suitable for all kids age 8 and up. Paper Jamz Guitars are available in six different styles, each one pre-loaded with three different hit songs. So, Collect Them All!